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01-04-2021 Meet the SEND Heads Q&A Update

Our Voice held their 'Meet the SEND Heads' Q&A session on Friday 26th March, with a panel from across the Local Authority and Health including SEND Services, Education, EPS, CAMHS, Early Years, Health, Short Breaks and Social Care, Integrated Learning Disability Service, Travel Assistance and Transport Brokers. 

The panel, Chaired by Our Voice Chair, Fazilla Amide, answered a wide range of questions from parents. 

Please see below: 

  • Updates from each of the different services 
  • Q&A - including questions answered within the session and those which we didn't have time to include. 
  • Q&A from SEN Services and Education 
  • Introductory presentation from Our Voice 

We are still awaiting some final responses from SEN Services and Education and will update the Q&A document as soon as these are received.