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About Us


Welcome to the website of Our Voice. We are a parent-led organisation, working with parents and carers, as well as the statutory and voluntary sectors.


Our Voice aims to improve services for children and young people with disabilities or special educational needs in the borough of Enfield. 

To do this we:

  • We negotiate representation on decision-making bodies
  • We invite service providers to consult us on local and national issues affecting our children and seek a can-do approach from them
  • We ask children, parents and carers to tell us about common concerns
  • We inform & support families through our updates, newsletters, website, workshops and meetings
  • We campaign to change attitudes and remove barriers
  • We monitor changes in services, advocate for improvements and recognise and promote good practices
  • We help empower all parents of children with special needs and disabilities
  • We offer the following services:
  • Family Network support helpline
  • Disability Network Meetings
  • Information Newsletters
  • Consultancy Services; e.g. running Parent consultations, or providing Training for Parents and Professionals

We are funded by the Department for Education via Contact and are part of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums. We also work closely with the Joint Service for Disabled Children.

You can see our Constitution here and our Terms of Reference here


What can you do?

Parents, carers, children and young people

Get in touch with us.

You can be on our mailing list, so that we can seek your views, even if you cannot come to our meetings.

Tell us what has worked well and what you think could be improved. Get your voice heard. 


Work with us to improve services for children.

Consult parents, carers, children and young people about the services you provide.


Our Voice is a warm and friendly group. It meets regularly to share information and experiences, to report to members on our activities, and to decide what issues to take up with service providers.

We meet sometimes in the daytime and sometimes in the evening, so that most people can come to at least some meetings.

This is your chance to play a part in changing our children’s services for the better.

Contact us

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